December 8th
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Day 8th
Day's till Christmas 16
Game Snowman Academy
Other attributes

Todays game is the Snowman Ski Academy.This game is highly popular. You start out as a fat snowman and as time goes you're sking faster and faster and every time you hit a tree you get smaller. The game is very hard and challenging for all ages.

Raisins - for eyes

Carrots - for nose

Sticks - for arms

You want to pick up all of those.


In this game, you become a snowman and have to ski down a mountain. On the floor of the mountain like Raisins Carrots and Branches. If you hit a snowball or a tree your snowman loses everything so you have to pick it all up and try to complete your snow man all over again. If you get hit a bunch of times, you then lose the game.