Santa is the best part of christmas! Without him, we would have no free toys or any fun. Santa is a hero and inspiration to all. Santais nics i love him evry body is good but som kids ar bad david ryan is good avry day

Santa's Route Edit

Santa goes all around the world in all countries where people believe in him  He'll usually start at the International Date Line then go down to Australia and the island countries New Zealand. He'll then go back up to Indonesia then go across to Japan. Then across to China up to Mongolia and up to Russia. He'll then go across to Nepal and India then go down to Sri Lanka and cross the Indian Ocean to South Africa. He'll work his way up there going to Zimbabwe and Ethiopia then move to Egypt and up to Jordan, moving swiftly to his next stop Turkey. Once finished there, he will do Cyprus and work on Europe. He'll go up and do Finland, Denmark and Norway. Then go to Central Europe and do GermanyHungary and Austria and move further down to Greece then go across to Italy. Then go north to France and across oceans to United Kingdom then he will go down to Spain. Afterwards he will go back up to Ireland and swoop up to Iceland where he will rest for awhile. Once he has finished resting, he will go across western Africa and cross the Atlantic Ocean by staying near Antarctica. Once in South America he'll start at Argentina and go to Bolivia and Brazil and across to Chile then shoot up to Colombia. He will quickly shoot up to Canada but do the rest later once down to South America again. He'll go to Cuba and Jamaica then do eastern part of United States Of America and Canada. Then go to Greenland and go across Canada, he'll then do central America and go down to Mexico and move across the last western part of Canada then finish of Western America, then he'll cross the Pacific Ocean to Hawaii once done Hawaii he'll fly back up to the North Pole.